Artak Beglaryan met with “Aurora” Humanitarian Award Winner Mirza Dina

10 DECEMBER 2020, Press Releases

On December 10, Human Rights Ombudsman Artak Beglaryan met with Mirza Dina, an Iraqi Yezidi writer, human rights activist and 4th laureate of “Aurora” Humanitarian Award.

The Ombudsman introduced the war crimes against the people of Artsakh during the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression and stressed that despite the outrageous atrocities and all his calls, the international humanitarian and human rights community have not responded properly to the crimes against humanity and did not take practical steps apropos to prevent the humanitarian catastrophe.

Touching upon the humanitarian catastrophe situation in Artsakh, Artak Beglaryan emphasized the commitment of the international community and the need to support the return of the bodies of the victims and prisoners, as well as the solution of the problems of displaced and homeless persons.

Mirza Dina stressed that he unconditionally supports the struggle for self-determination and protection of other rights of the people of Artsakh, expressing readiness to support the elimination of the consequences of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Azerbaijani-Turkish aggression.

Accompanied by the Ombudsman, Mirza Dina visited the Stepanakert memorial to pay tribute to the memory of the fallen freedom fighters.