Resident Taghavard community are deprived of the opportunity to visit the graves of their relevies to honor their memory

15 DECEMBER 2021, Press Releases

Over the past year, the residents of the Taghavard community have repeatedly raised the issue of access to the community cemetery, which came under Azerbaijani control after the 2020 war. The cemetery is located in the occupied part of the community, which is only a few kilometers away from the part of the community where the residents of Taghavard live today.

People have the right to honor the memory of their relatives, including by having the opportunity to visit their graves. However, the Azerbaijani side does not show any understanding and does not provide opportunities to the residents of the community.

I would like to draw the attention of state bodies, Russian peacekeepers, as well as international human rights organizations and organizations carrying out humanitarian missions to this humanitarian issue.

This important issue concerns not only the residents of Taghavard but all the residents of the occupied territories of Artsakh.