The new official modern and accessible website of the Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman has been launched

21 MAY 2020, Press Releases

Finally, the new official website of the human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh -, has been launched which was prepared with the support of the Armenian General Benevolent Union by “Codics” company.

The website has been created with maximum consideration of specifications of the RA Human Rights Ombudsman’s activity, as well as the well-known standards of comfort and accessibility of websites. The content is still available in Armenian and English, the Russian version will be added later. 

In addition to the Ombudsman’s activities and the publication of information and legislative materials on human rights, for the first time in the Republic some special solutions have been introduced, among which are, in particular:

  1. In addition to the wide range of possibilities to contact the Ombudsman’s Office, appropriate mechanisms have been established to appeal to the Ombudsman online and to follow up the process of review and consideration of the application. Both of these pages are linked to the “Mulberry” electronic documentation movement system at the Ombudsman’s Office, which automatically registers the applications and provides information to citizens about the current status of their applications. Moreover, in the history of the “Mulberry” system, the first was the Ombudsman’s Office to introduce the mechanism of sending SMS notifications to applicants’ mobile phones through which they are informed about their application and receive a special registration number to track the application on the website.
  2. At the Armenian internet domain exclusive solutions have been provided to the accessibility of the website, bringing it in line with the international accessibility standards published by the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.” A separate guideline on accessibility has been developed on the website which presents the main solutions, rules and buttons for accessibility, including shortcut and navigation keys, read mode, color control and font change buttons.
  • Natural sound reading mode of English text allows each visitor to read the English content of the website through the talking program. Due to the absence of the relevant Armenian program, there is no opportunity to read the Armenian content yet.
  •  High color contrast mode ensures more convenient and accessible facilities especially for visually impaired visitors.
  • The font change button is designed to make the work of visually impaired people more accessible on the website.
  • There are also shortcut keys to use the main pages and functions which can facilitate the navigation for each visitor on the site.
  • All the functions of the website are fully accessible and available for mobile phones, too.
  1. Two pages have been created with format of frequently asked questions to present in detail the Ombudsman’s powers and functions, as well as practical mechanisms and procedures for protection of various human rights and freedoms. Stressing the importance of ensuring effective mechanisms and content of the public awareness, the Ombudsman’s Office will consistently update especially the second page with useful and practical explanations, tips and guidelines on human rights that can be found both through a logical structure and a flexible search tool.

The website of the Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman has a number of other functions and pages designed to effectively provide with transparency of the Ombudsman’s activities and convenience of its use.